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Anonymous asked: Got any advice on drawing Ju? i can draw Noel pretty good cos he looks like a cartoon in real life,right? all sharp edges and exaggerated features...but i canNOT for the life of me draw Sir Barratt and my feeble attempts have ruined many-a-decent drawing.


I don’t know in what style do you want to draw him or how do you draw and I don’t like messing with other artists’ minds, but there’s one thing that always applies. Look. Because Ju’s got some powerful features as well.

Just take the time to look at pictures of him where you think he looks the most characteristic and doodle the features while you’re looking at them, so you know which areas are problematic and can focus on them. Don’t just stare at them, learn them. Don’t draw what you know, draw what you see. This way you won’t get stuck. When you draw mr. Barratt’s eyebrows it should be clear it’s his eyebrows even without seeing the rest of the face, don’t just make some generic looking eyebrows. 

I’ve just went through like fifty pages of Julian Barratt tag and here are some examples. 

He’s got kinda huge nose that’s sticking far out, big long and also wide nostrils, really wide mouth, narrow but nicely curved upper lip, kiiiiinda creepy pointy little teeth…he looks like he has more teeth than a human person should have… his lower lip is big but not easy to define, I usually just draw a little upside-down triangle that represents little patch of facial hair and shadow under the lip. What I find important are the corners of his mouth (they’re often the darkest spots on his face) and how they work together with his facial hair. His eyes (unless you want to draw a caricature) are not actually that small, he’s just got funny eyelids that are not defined and visible, so his face is like: skin, skin, skin, skin PUPIL! Sometimes, when you’re really lucky, you’ll get a glimpse of his upper lid, but not too often. It’s just lashes, then nothing for a while, and thin eyebrows that go up and disappear. This lack of creases of his eyelids or other stuff going on around the eyes also means that his wrinkles and the bags under his eyes are way more pronounced than they’d normally be and they make him look quite tired (in Howard’s case more anxious). It all makes his eyes look smaller and smaller. Also his cheeks are rather flat… when you look at him from a certain angle the line between the peak of his cheek bone to his little chin is completely and perfectly straight. When he doesn’t have facial hair there’s just a big area of featureless nothing (which is also a feature). I like to  extend the line of his sideburns to make his cheeks look hollow. His skin is not like Noels. He’s got way more colours in his face and they change. Noel’s skin looks like it can take anything. Julian’s looks way more delicate and thin, sometimes it’s almost see-through. It’s purple around his eyes, pink cheeks, yellow forehead, red nose, brown chin… 

You might notice some other things than I did, some things I never noticed might be very important to you. That’s the beauty of it and that’ why I don’t just tell you what shapes to use and how to position them. You don’t have to capture everything to have a good portrait or caricature, you can let some features stand out, especially if you get good at drawing them. You don’t even have to listen to me. Just look look look at Ju.

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Happy birthday you flawless human being <3

Happy birthday you flawless human being <3

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Hell Bent for Leather (2007)

бровка ты моя любимая

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Let me blow your mind)
Little teaser for those who haven’t seen this film yet…
Tiny-tiny video covered by credits. Still…

Hell Bent For Leather (2007)

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You can’t change the fact that she’s a diamond, shiny diamond

Carla Gugino in Hotel Noir


You can’t change the fact that she’s a diamond, shiny diamond

Carla Gugino in Hotel Noir


Time passed too fast before you saw her
Then it stopped short, short on a dime
She’s so pretty, she’s so pretty, she’s so pretty
You’ve never seen so pretty in all of your time

Carla Gugino in Hotel Noir

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Barratt hotness. Deal with it.

He is wearing a beret. I just can’t…

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Happy birthday! &lt;3

Happy birthday! <3

Happy birthday beautiful &lt;3

Happy birthday beautiful <3